REAL AVERAGE Football Club (re’al ˈa-v(ə-)rij ‘futßol ‘kluß)

Real Average FC is an American amateur/weekend warrior soccer club based in Los Angeles, California.  The club is as a member of the Pasadena Adult Soccer League (PASL), where it has played in the 7-v-7 Men’s Only league since Summer 2010.

The team is made up of young minded professionals that are loosely associated via different aspects of Los Angeles nightlife and pop culture, including graphic design, photography, lawyering, music supervision, alcoholic spirits, and teaching.

RAfc is a revolutionary sports club in that it refuses to practice for fear of diminishing the raw intensity of the game day experience. That, and they’re usually too busy playing dodgeball, promoting DJ nights, eating RTP, taking party photos, running marathons, hosting Scotch tastings, nursing Friday night hangovers or doing various bidding of L.A. street artist and OBEY founder Shepard Fairey.

The team logo is an appropriation of that of Real Madrid FC, a perennial powerhouse in Spain’s La Liga.  As with Madrid, the first word in the team name is pronounced rey-AL, which is Spanish for “royal.”

Team colors are gray jersey with black shorts. RAfc’s uniform sponsor currently is Nike.

Team colors are Navy (Home) & White (Away) jerseys with Navy shorts. RAfc’s uniform sponsor currently is adidas.


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