Summer 2010
The club’s inaugural season was in Summer 2010, where they posted a very average 4-4-0 regular seaons record to earn 7th Place in the 14-team PASL Men’s B1 Division.  The club advanced to the 8-team playoffs, but was eliminated in the first round by eventual runner-up, SGV Crew.

In August 2010, in just its second game, the club made Facebook headlines with a season-ending injury to mediocre midfielder and RAfc player-coach Bryan Chenault, who tore both his ACL and meniscus during a botched goal-scoring effort/collison with the opposing goalkeeper.  Chenault made an unexpected return to the team in the Summer post-season, hobbling on for the final 2 minutes of a 3-0 loss.  The 36-year-old is currently attempting to play the Fall season without two major ligaments before undergoing invasive surgery in mid-December.  He is expected to return to full health for the Summer 2011 season, following six months of knee rehabilitation and sports-related anger management classes.

RAfc usually plays a 2-3-1 formation with a withdrawn striker.  Real Average FC’s initial season was characterized by poor ball control, general lack of match fitness, laissez-faire attitude, and missing players, but was buoyed by outstanding goalkeeping by Steve “Bloody Knees” Weatherby and opportunistic, counter-attack goals by attacking trio Nic Bowers, Tommy Brockert and Ian Broucek, known by fans as “The Killer B’s”.  In its first season, the club took the following honors: Most Winded (in a game), Best Uniform, Best Logo and Most Likely to Improve.

Other founding players of RAfc include:
–defender Dan “The Rhino” Flores
–defender Casey Ryder
–defender/midfielder Mohammed “I haven’t eaten in 40 days, but I feel good” Choudhury
–midfielder Matt “I don’t feel so good. I had Eggs Benedict for breakfast like a half an hour ago” Goldman
–midfielder Dan “I don’t feel so good. I just had a huge burrito” Oh
–midfielder Colin Beswick

RAfc’s uniform sponsor for the season was Nike.

Fall 2010
RAfc is currently one of the 8 charter franchises of the PASL Men’s B2 Division.
New additions/much-needed reinforcements for the Fall 2010 season include:
–goalkeeper Mike Andric
–midfielder Chris Upton
–midfielder/forward Jason Phillips
RAfc’s uniform sponsor for the season changed from Nike to Adidas after Game 3.

RAfc’s is the official Team Photographer is Weston DeBoer.
RAfc routinely draws an average crowd of 3 WAGs (Wives And Girlfriends) per match, tops in the league.
RAfc currently does not have a mascot, although they’re now trying to think of one.

Pasadena Adult Soccer League Men’s B2 Division

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