League Rules

Adult Soccer League
7 on 7 League Rules

All players must register online before participating in any games.
To be eligible to participate, player must be listed on team roster and present a current ID Card.
Each player must check in with referee prior to playing. Any infraction will result in a warning or yellow card. Use of an illegal player will result in a forfeit and/or fine.
To contest use of an illegal player, captain must have referee note player on lineup form and league coordinator will validate claim. Player contest will not be heard at the field.
Minimum age to participate is 18. Players must provide age verification upon
Roster maximum is 15 players. There are six (6) field players and one (1)
goalie. Coed consists of 4 men and 3 women. A
coed team can never have more than 4
men playing. Current teams: roster due before the 3rd
week of games. New teams: roster due before the 1st game
and update by the 3rd week. Players may be added between the 4th and
7th weeks with consent from league administrator. A $5 late add fee applies to each player added.
No players may be added after the 8th week.
Lineup form must be properly filled out and presented to the referee prior to the start of the game.
Properly filled out forms include team name, date, player first and last name and assigned numbers.
The names of non-present players must be crossed out.
Fees for the next season are due the 7th and 9th week of the current season (Saturday league exception: The entire fee is due the 8th week).
Failure to submit payment on time could result in your team being dropped. If we do add your team, a $50 late fee applies. Any team who does not make their second payment on time will pay a $20/week late fee.
There are no refunds. OFFICIALS Referee’s jurisdiction begins when he/she
arrives at the field and ends when he/she
leaves. Games shall be officiated by at least one
(1) referee. League administrators are not at the field
to mediate disputes, collect payments,
Team must wear matching jerseys or t- shirts with iron-on numbers. Tape is not acceptable.
Each player must be assigned his/her own jersey number.
Shin guards and cleats (or turf shoes for synthetic fields) must be worn at all times.
Leg braces must be covered. Only prescription glasses and goggles are
Two (2) 25 minute halves with a five (5) minute half time.
The games are on a running clock which starts at the posted time.
A minimum of four (4) players are required from each team to start the game.
Teams may request a 10 minute grace period, but the game will start as soon as four (4) players are present.
Games that do not start on time will be shortened.
Unlimited free substitutions are allowed throughout the game.
Exception: goalie may be substituted with referee permission on a dead ball only, and cannot interfere with the opponent’s flow of play.
Substitutions must be made at the centerline only.
A player entering the field may not directly involve himself/herself in the current play.
Too many players on the field or any substitution violation could result in a yellow card and/or point deduction
Teams who use illegal players will forfeit their game.
Five (5) yards shall be given on all free kicks.
The ball may be played forward or backward on a kickoff.
No slide tackling allowed (Exception: Goalie)
Slide kicking (a slide that occurs with no other players in the immediate vicinity) is not considered a slide tackle.
A live ball may be placed on the ground and kicked over the centerline.
If the goalie holds the ball over six (6) seconds, punts or dropkicks it, the opposing team will receive an indirect kick at the site of the infraction.
Red card fines must be paid in full within five (5) days of infraction.
Team will not be allowed to play until the fine is paid.
$10 per week late fee applies to red cards not paid within five (5) days.
Yellow Card o Player serves five (5) minute
suspension. o Player substitution allowed. o Player may reenter game with
referee permission only. Non-Violent Red Card
o Player is ejected from the game and must pay $25 fine.
o Player subject to one (1) game suspension.
o Two (2) yellow cards is equal to one (1) non-violent red card.
o Three (3) yellow cards in one (1) season is equivalent to one (1) non- violent red card.
Violent Red Card o Player is ejected from the game and
must pay $50 fine. o Player subject to a minimum two (2)
game suspension. Two (2) red cards in one season will result
in player ejected from the league. Any team that receives three (3) red cards in one (1) season will be ejected from the
league and all fees forfeited. Any suspension due to fighting is just
cause for ejection from the league. Any coach or player who steps onto the field during a hostile situation, whether
helping or not, will be suspended for the
next two (2) games. Listed fines are typical, however actual
fines are at the discretion of the league administrators.

ASL shall follow the Laws of FIFA with the following exceptions:
The referee and league administrator’s decisions are final.
A grievance or protest must be submitted via email within 72 hours to be considered for review.
A $10 fee must be submitted for grievance or protest to be considered.
Only matter pertaining to the interpretation of FIFA rules are subject to review.
Players may not dispute a judgment call, only a FIFA rule.
The playing surface is approximately 70 yards long and 50 yards wide.
Goal box is approximately 30’ across by 9’ long.
Tournament rules and schedule will be SCORING
Monday, Friday and Sunday: the penalty spot is six (6) yards from the goal line. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: the penalty spot is nine (9) yards from the goal line.
Must notify league administrator at least two (2) weeks in advance or a $50 forfeit fee will apply. Exception if both teams forfeit.
Must have at least four (4) players to play. If both teams are short they can mutually agree to play a short-sided game that will count in the standings (4v4, 5v5, or 6v6).
Once agreed upon, teams cannot switch
during the game. Any team with two (2) forfeits in one (1)
season will be required to submit a $100 forfeit bond before being allowed to play again and/or may be excluded from future seasons.
Referee will not officiate forfeited game. No reimbursements for forfeits.
Conduct should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship both on and off the field.
Any conduct by a player, coach, or team manager, could result in disciplinary action at the sole discretion of league administrators.
Any special circumstance not addressed in the rules will be reviewed and action taken at the sole discretion of league administrators, which may include but not limited to, fine, suspension, or forfeiture.
All yellow and red cards for the current season carry over to the playoffs and finals and hold the same penalties and consequences.
emailed out following the completion of the regular season. Tournaments are not guaranteed and are determined based on the number of teams in the division. For example, in an 11 team division, each team plays the other once for 10 games and there is no tournament.
Two (2) 20 minute halves with a two (2) minute half time to allow to PKs.



No offsides

No punting or dropkicking
No restriction of goal kick distance.

FridayMen:Win=6,Tie=3,Loss=0, Shutout = 1
Saturday: Win = 3, Tie = 1, Loss = 0, Shutout = 0
Pasadena: Win = 6, Tie = 3, Loss = 0, Shutout = 1

Saturday: 8’ x 14’
Pasadena: 6’ x 10’

Saturday: Ten (10) games

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