Fall – Playoff 1st Round – UPDATED 12/15

vs. Azzurri
*New Location – TURF FIELD
John Muir High School
1905 Lincoln Ave, 91104
(Enter on Canada Ave near the school bus parking lot)

ATTENTION – We are playing at a new location and turf field.  Game times are going to be really tight so plan on getting there early to find the field and warm up.

• Games will be 22 minute halves with a 2 minute half time
• If tied, go immediately to best of 3 PKs
• If still tied, go immediately to sudden death PKs using the same kickers and order

If we win, we advance to Semi Finals and potentially Finals in a double header same day.
2:00pm East: Winner of Outlaws & OTMFC vs. Winner of Azzurri & Real Average
3:00pm East: Winner of 02:00pm East vs. Winner of 02:00pm West – Final Match

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  1. DFLO says:

    Round Table Pizza after the game.

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