Game 5 Review/Awards

Game Review — Fall, Week 5
FC United 1, RAfc 0

Man of the Match:
Matt Goldman — for coming through with the full Adi hookup, home AND away.

Craptian’s Award:
Matt Goldman — for getting his original gray uniform stolen out of his car and showing up to the game in jeans.

Good turnout w/ 11 bodies.
Good goalkeeping, as usual.
Decent possession.
Decent job keeping the play mostly in the opponent’s end.
Quality throw-ins (only half joking here).

Stopper role and 1-2-1-2 formation worked fairly well. Pressure up high with two forwards was pretty good, and felt like we were better covered through the middle of the field.

For what it’s worth (not a lot), the consensus from the WAGs in attendance was that it was our best performance yet as far as quality and time of possession and team unity. Coulda fooled me, but it’s definitely gotten better and is something to build on.

Good fighting spirit toward the end, even when the game dragged on extra time. Honestly, that was just a good goal; it happens.

THE BAD: Decent job disrupting the opponent’s attack, but need to be much better at clearing loose balls in our own box. Instead of being timid and poking softly at the ball, we need defenders (and midfielders) to be attacking the ball and sending it confidently either out or (if there’s time) up field to a target player. In general, we need to be more aggressive winning the ball, pretty much everywhere on the pitch. There are too many times where our players slow up and hesitate on a 50-50 ball.

On offense, when’s there’s space, we need to do a better job of attacking the goal directly, meaning dribbling toward goal and either having a shot or playing a through ball to someone making a run, instead of dribbling to the corner and then looking to take an opponent along the endline.

Finally, we need to practice corner kicks for a bit, maybe even come up with a play or two to keep it on the ground and get a good shot off from close range, rather than floating in a ball to be headed home (which as far as I know, has yet to result in a successful header goal in either this season or last). If drawing up a play is too much confusion w/ all of our different subs, let’s at least send in a ball that is knee to waist high that we can try to volley from point-blank and maybe score off a rebound.

THE UGLY: The final pass just wasn’t there. We need to work in practice on better triangulation near the opponent’s goal, with slashing runs and quick/short/leading passes toward goal rather than playing it out wide and trying to send in an easily-cleared cross. Too many times we have players running away from the ball when we need runners diagonally inside the box.

Finishing has also become an issue. We need to convert on 1-on-none breakaways, and capitalize more on 3-v-1 situations. Bottom line = 0 goals in last 2 games vs. 7 goals in first 2.

Man of the Match (honorable mention):
Dan Flores — for getting the uni’s printed up clean and picking the right hue of day-glow/neon green.

Craptain’s Award (honorable mention):
Tommy Brockert — for picking an afternoon taking photos for Paris Hilton over an afternoon taking stray shots on goal in Pasadena.

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