Winter 2011 Wrap Up

Its late but what the hell…
We ended Winter Season in typical RAFC fashion, taking the league’s regular season title with an undefeated record… and then losing in the first round of the league tournament playoff. Awesome. After the game we held an always enjoyable Soccer Pizza Banquet for the kids at, of course, RTP and it was delightful.

Oh and there were some Real Average Awards too…

KEEPIN’ IT AVERAGE – Award for Most Consistency
Colin Beswick

KEEPIN’ IT REAL – Award for Most Improved
Dan Flores

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR (actually Winter 2011) – Award for Best Newcomer
Kyle Beswick

GOLDEN BOOT – Award for Leading Scorer
Nic Bowers

KITTEN GLOVES – Award for Most Fragile Gazelle Play
Matt Goldman

SILENT BUT DEADLY – Award for Being Most Mute, Menacing Enigma
Mike Andric

A.W.O.L. – Award for Most Missed Games
Mohammed Choudhury

W.A.G. OF THE YEAR – Award for Most Soccer Mom-like
Joycie D Weatherby

COACH OF THE YEAR – Award for the Most Angry Coach
Bryan Chenault

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